Parrish/Parish & Howell/Cannon Genealogy

Welcome to my world of genealogy. Before you continue to travel along the path of our forefathers
I wanted to tell you how my journey began. In September 1978 I was confined to bed in a body
cast due to an accident. While riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, someone crossed the road
hitting us head on. This accident left me confined to bed for several months.
During this time Alex Haley's mini-series aired on television. I had always been curious about those
who lived before me, those I never had a chance to meet and the movie gave way to curiosity of
how much I could learn about our family.
By November 1978 the doctors removed the cast and gave me crutches for walking. At this point
I began a journey I did not realize I would travel the rest of my life. I began my journey asking my
maternal grandparents questions. I had no idea how to research so I visited the local library asking
questions about where do I look for this or that. A time came when the local library could not help
me and I loaded my children up in the car heading for the state archives library. My children were
very young at the time. They did not share my enthusiasm with a wonderful day looking for
treasurers at the amazing library. I however was like a kid in a candy store. Needless to say, I was
addicted from the get go.
After a couple of years my grandfather asked could I locate a brother he had not seen or heard
from since the brother was 18 around the year 1919. I never had a chance to meet my paternal
grandparents and by this time grandmother had passed away due to a stroke. When I began this
journey others treated me as if I was crazy. Some laughed, some made comments about me
spending all my spare time looking for dead people I never knew, others just refused to answer any
questions or even discuss the subject but my grandparents always supported and encouraged me to

publish a book of my findings. I didn't want to disappoint grandpa but how would I ever find a living

person no one had heard from in over sixty years! I searched records for several years coming up
empty handed. Then I had the idea to write newspapers "Dear Editor" sections. Grandpa said he
had heard after his brother left that he married a young woman in Humphreys County and then
moved out west somewhere. So I began submitting to the "Dear Editor" section of the newspapers
Sadly, grandpa passed away Dec 27, 1983 one month before his great niece wrote me a letter.
Grandpa's brother had passed away several years before him. But I found his family.
One of grandpa's brother's daughter asked if I would sent her a copy of my research and I told her
I couldn't because I planned to publish it. I have for many years regretted not sending it to her.
In later years others came to me and I gave them copies because by then I had thought about the
people who gave me information, like my grandparents giving their time and felt the research
belonged to all the family.
In 1984 I once again ran up on a problem locating some of my father's line. After sitting up all night
pouring through notes from the archives I sat at the bar in my living room with coffee in hand
looking like death warmed over when someone knocked on the front door. My brother Odell and
Daddy's brother, Uncle Clyde had driven up to visit. I made them coffee and we sat chatting for a
while. My brother finally voiced his curiosity about the stacks of files I had scattered all around. I
was reluctant to reveal my research due to others reactions and I relied, "you would laugh." My
brother pressed on for an answer. To my surprise he did not laugh but was very interested in my
research. Along beside him Uncle Clyde's eyes lit up and he began asking questions. During our
going over the records Uncle Clyde informed me he thought he remembered two great Uncles
moving out West but he couldn't remember where. After we talked a while Uncle Clyde said he
thought the great Uncles went to a place called Post Texas. I immediately pick up the phone and
called the operator asking for the phone number and address of the local newspaper in Post, Texas.
Within weeks my mailbox was full of letters from family out west. Amber and Jewell Parrish saw
the article and past it on to the others. Ambers and Jewell surprised me one Saturday night as I sat
playing cards with my children. The phone rang and it was Amber and Jewell asking me if I was up
for a ride the next day. I replied, "Sure where am I going?" It turned out they were in a motel at the
interstate and wanted me to take them to Perry County the next day. It was a time I will always
The material I put on the website is under copy write. Not to keep it from family but because when
I made my first web site in 1997 three people who were not family grabbed my information and
uploaded it to a site people are required to pay to enter. It was rude and wrong for them to do this
If I was going to make my family pay for the information I gather I would have written a book but
I have it here to freely share with my loved ones. A lot of pictures and information has come from
Billy Charles Parrish, Thurman Parish, Resia Keeton and Billy Ledbetter plus a lot of other kind
people who shared freely with kind hearts. For this reason I want to know who is taking our

I hope you enjoy the site and come back often because I update as time allows.


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